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State of GPT chat apps

In recent months, we have witnessed a surge in GPT chat apps. Numerous studios, small teams, and independent developers have seized the opportunity to capitalize on this trend, creating hundreds, if not thousands, of GPT-powered apps.

In this analysis, I will delve into several popular apps, scrutinizing their functionality, download numbers, and revenue.

A brief overview of the critical comments concerning the apps list:

apps list

Let's take a look at the overall revenue graph. The first apps started to emerge in December 2022, and the real growth began in March 2023 when some larger players launched their apps and began aggressive traffic acquisition. The projected revenue for May 2023 is around ~10M,asignificantincreasefrom3M in March. Note that there are numerous other GPT chat apps not included in this list, and their revenues could potentially contribute an additional 50-100% to these figures.


Chat with Ask AI

First app is Chat with Ask AI. Despite earning nearly $1M per week, the app doesn't stand out for its unique features.

revenue app1

Judging from the speed and quality of the output, it appears to utilize either GPT-3 or 3.5, with only basic functionality available:

Some interesting corks and features:


Publisher, Codeway Dijital Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi has more than 20 apps with 100M+ downloads and is obviously very proficient in traffic acquisition, which is the key to success in this category now.

ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant

Next app, ChatOn - AI Chat Bot Assistant. This app saw an impressive revenue trajectory with roughly $800K earned in the second week of May alone:

chaton revenues

ChatOn is a better designed app with plenty of pre-defines prompts (tasks) and ideas for chats but text generation speed is incredibly slow.

chaton ui

App's publisher AIBY has more than 40 apps with 120M+ downloads.

Genie - AI Chatbot

Our third app of interest is Genie - AI Chatbot. The app has all the basic features - tasks sorted by topics, chat ideas, access to GPT-4 (via a premium subscription), and more.

However, Genie's revenues and downloads seem to be declining due to the increasingly fierce competition in this category:

genie revenues

I liked the idea of "wishes" - aka free messages that get replenished once a day, if you're not going to buy premium subscription it can be helpful. Additionally, notifications about new wishes prompt you to return to the app thus improving retention metrics.

genie ui

Chai - Chat with AI Friends

Skipping a bunch of unremarkable apps I wanted to pay closer attention to Chai - Chat with AI Friends. The app was first released in March 2021 and uses custom tuned GPT-J 6B model to provide users with access to an engaging (and uncensored) bots.

At ~$70k per week (but in reality probably more, something's wrong with numbers - details), the app is the first in this review to utilize custom LLM and the company behind the app shares some of the research results with the public.

chai revenue

The app itself is a selection of custom bots created by community with a weird propensity towards anime characters. An 18+ filter can be disabled in the app's settings, allowing users to engage in more adult-oriented chats.

chai ui

Poe – Fast AI Chat

Poe – Fast AI Chat, by Quora, stands out as one of the most feature-heavy and complex products, offering users the choice between different LLMs - GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Anthropic's Claude, and others.


A fun fact – the majority of Poe's revenue comes from Hong Kong, with a notable share coming from Saudi Arabia.

poe revenue

Poe's interface is one of the most complex and packed with features. While the ability to select one of seven models or view other users' shared conversations seem nice in theory, I doubt that majority of people care about this and it is easy to get confused in attempts to waddle through dozens of UI elements.

Poe also has one of the most expensive subscriptions, priced at 199/yearor20/month.

poe ui


Last but not least is the official ChatGPT app by OpenAI. Having launched less than a week ago, and being available only in the US (though it expanded to more countries today and stats aren't updated yet), it already accumulated over $500k in in-app purchases (subscriptions through the web are not accounted for here) and more than 1.2M downloads without any ads. Numbers are likely much higher as the analytics tool I use tend to show lower stats for new and viral apps.


The app's UI is remarkably minimal, with precise speech-to-text capability, sync to the web, and advanced data controls. It is what it is and nothing more.

openai ui

Final thoughts: